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The A2 series lithium battery basic 2nd-generation stand-on pallet truck is newly developed by Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. for warehouse logistics. With the latest AC drive technology, advanced performance, operating comfort, safety and reliability, and low maintenance cost, it is the ideal choice for warehouses, supermarkets and workshops to handle and transport palletized goods. Equipped with the dedicated lithium battery cells and modules for the C series forklifts, which are developed jointly by the Hangcha Group and CATL. Integrated with standard charger and electric heating function.

With the compact and stylish joystick, all operations can be completed with one hand.


  • Exterior

    The A series pallet stacker adopts a professional industrial exterior design. The vehicle has a smooth vivid profile and a fully ergonomic design, following the exterior design trend. With a large number of steel plate stamping and injection molding processes to enable a robust and durable product that meets the environmental protection requirements.

  • High Performance

    The electric steering equipped for the stand-on type is more convenient and flexible to operate. The Curits AC control system performs accurate, stable and more efficient control. The CANBUS structure makes the whole vehicle communication faster and more reliable.

  • Comfort

    The shock absorber type suspension system makes driving more stable and operation more comfortable. With the unique function of driving at a turtle’s speed with an indicator light, the vehicle can be more easily driven at a slow speed while carrying out operations in a very narrow space.

  • Reliability

    The non-contact proximity switch has a long life and can work reliably. With an electronic lifting limit switch to avoid overflow from the hydraulic power unit, save more energy and protect the motor of the power unit. A low-noise, low-vibration, high-performance hydraulic power unit to enable stable and reliable lifting and descending.

  • Maintenance

    The integrated power display, timing and fault self-diagnosis meter is convenient for maintenance. With a rear hood that can be completely opened to expose all components and facilitate the maintenance of the vehicle.

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