Dear friends,

In order to provide the comfortable operation and more reliable performance, we’d like to introduce the new upgraded seat -SC29 Series to you.



● Adjustable Armrest: The angle of the foldable armrest is adjustable and can be folded vertically, adjustment:±35°


Adjustable wheel, easy for operation

● Seat Fore & Aft Adjustment: For easy positioning in the rail, forward/backward:90mm/90mm,depending on the reliable double lock heavy duty rail;

● Adjustable Weight System: The stepless adjustment available according to body weight 50~130kg;

● Backrest Angle regulator: To optimize sitting comfort,adjustment:Fore/Aft 10°/ 28°, can be folded forward


The disc regulator provides better strength, stability and long service life;

● Suspension system: Vibrations and jolts are absorbed by a mechanical suspension system with 135mm travel;

● Seat with Switch (Opt.): The switch provides a high level safety protection.

Seat replacement schedule


We believe the SC29 series seat on the forklift truck can provide you the best experience with long working time.

If you have this kind of inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representatives for detail. Your suggestions, and comments are valuable to us improve our products.