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X series Hi-Range Electric stackers are a new generation of products newly developed by Hangcha for warehousing and logistics applications. Using the advanced permanent magnet brushless drive technology and equipped with a new 48V system, the products have advanced performance, comfortable, safe and reliable operations and low use and maintenance costs, and are ideal tools for loading, unloading and handling palletized goods in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops and homes.

The compact body and big rounded design provide an ideal operation in limited space, and the wedge designed chassis greatly increases the passing ability.

With the novelly developed compact and stylish tiller, all operations can be completed with one hand.

The standing driving pedal with shock-absorbing design significantly improves standing driving comfort and reduces long-time driving fatigue.

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  • Appearance

    The X series Hi-Range Electric stackers adopts a professional industrial design of exterior and a series family design. The vehicle has a smooth vivid profile and a fully ergonomic design, following the latest exterior design trend.

  • High Performance

    With high power drive motor, provides fast travel speed and good gradeability. The permanent magnet synchronous drive system has excellent performance and low energy consumption. The 48V power supply system has less heat generated.

  • Simple Operation

    The proportional descending speed regulation system provided for the standard configuration enables more stable and accurate operation.

  • New Tiller

    With the novelly developed compact and stylish tiller, all operations can be completed with one hand.

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance-free permanent magnet synchronous motor. The fault information can be checked directly via the interactive instruments instead of the manual.

  • More Protect

    With the four-point low center of gravity design and a high-strength steel frame structure, the vehicle frame has a large residual load capacity and a long service life. Using non-contact proximity switch, it can provides long life and reliable operation .

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