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Offline Exhibition, A Strong Comeback

On April 25, 2023, the LogiMAT 2023 in Stuttgart, Germany was officially opened at the Stuttgart Convention and Exhibition Center in Germany. LogiMAT is one of the largest and most professional logistics exhibitions in Europe. This year's theme is "Hands-on Innovation: Connecting Smart Networks". It is reported that this year's LogiMAT has attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, which covers an exhibition area of 125,000 square meters in 10 halls. 

During the three-day exhibition, Hangcha booth gained much attention and great popularity. The debut of the XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, the latest lithium forklifts and reach stackers, and the newly developed aerial work vehicles, XF2 series internal combustion forklifts, and other products have attracted users, dealers, and friends from visitors around the world. 



Hangcha booth 


Hangcha team

"Star Product" Attracts Much Attention

The XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklift is a star product in the booth that attracted the most attention. It is a game-changing product, being among the first to adopt distributed fuel cell technology and a permanent magnet synchronous drive system. Its safety, reliability, and efficiency allow it to handle both indoor and outdoor applications, and is perfectly suited for medium and heavy-duty operations. 



Customers came close to see and experience the XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklift

Having applied for more than ten patents both domestically and abroad, the XC series includes additional innovations such as pneumatic tires, external air filter and high-level air inlets, external heat dissipation and rear ventilation, and external H2 tank placement. These innovations result in improved performance and durability throughout a wide variety of demanding work environments ranging from warehousing and logistics to ports and terminals. 

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Hangcha Lithium Forklifts, Your First Option 

Meanwhile, Hangcha presented a full series of lithium forklifts that work in varied duties, such as the medium-duty XE series lithium forklifts and heavy-duty XH series lithium forklifts. Both series are perfect for outdoor work: they enjoy high ground clearance that enables them to go over uneven and gravel roads; the forklifts hold an IPX4 water resistance rating to ensure reliability in indoor and outdoor operational environments; adopted specially-designed heat dissipation structure adapts to long time heavy working conditions. All these innovations and great advantages make them perfect alternatives to IC forklifts. 

Media Interview, Industry Information Sharing

When being interviewed by Forklift Action talking about the future product trends in Europe, Yang Weifeng, general manager of Hangcha Europe GmbH, said: "In the European market, the proportion of internal combustion forklifts is getting smaller, while that of new energy forklifts, especially lithium battery forklifts becomes bigger. According to the latest data released by World Industrial Vehicle Statistics (WITS), the sales units of European electric forklifts (Class I to III forklifts) accounts for 88.8% of the total sales in 2022, much higher than that of global with a rate of 70.7%. It can be seen that industrial vehicles in Europe and the world are tending to be electrified.” When asked about the opportunities and challenges Hangcha faced in Europe, Mr. Yang replied confidently: "With years of research and development and manufacturing experience of lithium forklifts, Hangcha enjoys obvious competitive advantages in the European market. Just taking the Class I electric forklifts as an example, Hangcha’s sales in Europe in 2022 saw a 35% increase from the previous year. Moreover, Hangcha can provide a full range of high-quality lithium products to meet customers' varied needs. This also makes Hangcha lithium forklifts the first choice of more and more customers."


Yang Weifeng, general manager of Hangcha Europe GmbH accepted the interview

Looking Ahead with Full Confidence

During this exhibition, Hangcha exhibited more than 10 star products such as the debut XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and lithium battery forklifts that can handle various working conditions to global customers and industry experts. Hangcha's new energy products have always led and promoted the development of the industry with innovation, won the favor of global users with high quality, and ensured customers worry-free with professional after-sales service, which is also the source of the confidence of HC Forklift America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangcha Group, announces the discontinuation of lead-acid power. 

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At the same time, at the exhibition, we also learned more about the needs of customers from various industries. Hangcha will continue to uphold its craftsmanship, upgrade the products, and polish each product to make Hangcha products classics and make handling easier, greener, and more intelligent.

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