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The X series 12t forklift is a customized model developed for the operating environment and conditions of the stone market. Featuring strong power, high resistance to dust, high resistance to impact, a large load capacity, etc., it is suitable for the heavy-duty operating conditions of the stone market.

Yuchai common rail engine

The integrated electrical box can be maintained easily

With the LCD instruments to display the relevant information of the vehicle to facilitate troubleshooting, the running status of the vehicle can be monitored

The enhanced mast, frame and steering axle improve the impact resistance of the vehicle

Double paper air filters are used to enable cleaner air intake of the engine and longer service life of the engine

  • The Yuchai common rail engine has strong power and low fuel consumption

    High torque at low speeds, good performance of acceleration at medium and high speeds. Bosch’s non-road special common rail system has good oil adaptability. A long oil change interval enables a low use cost.

  • A special gearbox of a domestically renowned brand

    The customized 16t special gearbox has a large capacity, high efficiency and good traction performance. The PTO outputs high torque and can be matched with a large-displacement gear pump. The electronic steering provided for the standard configuration makes operations easier.

  • Domestic heavy-duty caliper drive axle

    The caliper brake provides fully hydraulic power braking and large braking force. The integrally-cast axle housing has good strength. With a main gearbox for heavy-duty trucks, mature and reliable. The input shaft cable-type central parking brake is simple and reliable and can be operated easily.

  • Easy maintenance

    The wide-open hood, water tank lid, left and right hood side panels, and front bottom panel can be removed easily. A cloud smart module provided for the standard configuration enables remote control and diagnosis.

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