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The heavy load X series is extention of the new series of internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck developed by Hangcha independently, adopting the world advanced technologies based on the original products. Through the comprehensive upgrading of appearance molding, energy conservation, environmental protection, comfort, security and reliability, it will become the world-class forklift truck which can meet your overall demands.

Excellent all round visibility is achieved by the overall design.

Thanks to the unique design, cab can be tilt without any tools, major service items can be reached easily by tilting the cabin, maximized access is possible.

Optional imaging system with front and rear camera, increasing the safety greatly.

Anti-slip pedal provides high safety and easy maintenance.

Load sensing hydraulics provide high efficiency and energy saving, reducing hydraulic oil working temperature and also extending the life of hydraulic components and seals.

Battery compartment is easy to open for easy maintenance

The newly designed LCD instrument has more comprehensive functions and more stable performance. It can display the important information such as truck status and engine faults... So that the operator can understand the truck status more intuitively and facilitate maintenance.

  • Comfort

    With the new-style fully-suspended and overall-view cab. The profile of the truck is optimized; The vision is more excellent. The interior ornamentals are formed, feeling is more comfortable; Shaped steel tube integral frame provides high strength and better sealing.

  • High performance

    The performance is improved. The travel speed and lift speed are improved by 10%-20%. The body of the truck is reduced, and the flexibility is strengthened. Thanks to CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technology, structural components are more balanced.

  • Reliability

    Increased digitization, additional central controller, CAN-bus structure, built-in multiple diagnostic, management functions and fault alarm are convenient for diagnosis.

  • Precise Operation

    Integrated fingertip system, pilot control, smart and accurate; Hydraulic brake curve optimization, smooth and easy control.

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