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X series electric tow tractor (6-18t) are upgraded products. Through comprehensive upgrades in appearance, safety, reliability, advancement and comfort, the performance of the entire vehicle has been greatly improved compared to the original products. , to meet the traction operation needs of different users under various working conditions.

The operating pedals, instruments, hand wheel and switches are all provided according to ergonomic requirements and can be operated flexibly and easily.

Removed from a side of the vehicle, the battery provided for the standard configuration can be replaced and maintained more easily and is applicable to continuous operating conditions.

Electronic parking braking: A more convenient and safer electronic hand brake is provided.

LED System

  • Reliability and safety

    The main electrical components such as the motor controller, contactor, power plug and emergency cut-off switch are all quality products. Main force-bearing components such as the frame, drive axle and steering axle, etc. are designed to have high strength and meet heavy-duty operating conditions.

  • Stability

    With the battery placed at the bottom of the vehicle frame, the vehicle has good stability.

  • LED System

    The vehicle is equipped with LED lights, and the front turn signal lights use streamer technology. Integrated LED headlights with functions of such as daytime running lights, high-beam low-beam and front turning streamers, etc., streamer LED tail lights and auxiliary side turn signal lights with strong alert function and offering higher safety.

  • Remote control (optional):

    Vehicle management system: With functions of vehicle status querying and recording, overspeed, door locking and radar alarm, etc., the equipment can be equipped with a 7-inch touch screen to make operations easier, facilitate all-round data display and real-time status reminding, and enable remote real-time monitoring, management and service.

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