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Independently developed by Hangcha on the basis of decades of deep understanding of electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts, the dedicated XC series heavy-duty lithium battery forklifts are a new series of electric counterweight forklifts with a new energy vehicle voltage platform and a pioneered special structure that represents a breakthrough over the traditional design concept. Representing a redefinition of electric forklifts in terms of efficiency, power, reliability, etc., this series of electric forklift models will supersede the internal combustion forklifts.

The wide-view mast with optimized design is unlikely to obstruct the operator's line of sight. The enlarged opening size of the fork carriage enables a wider view, a large operation space, and excellent ergonomic design.

The multifunctional color-screen instruments are designed to have graphical interfaces and display data clearly. Three speed gears are provided to adapt to different operating environments. The interfaces can be switched to be shown in Chinese and English to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.

The vehicle uses an overall controller, and the drive system and operating system are assembled with motors electronically controlled, to form a highly independent light, efficient, and intelligent drive system.

A water-cooling system with a good heat dissipation effect is used on a new energy forklift for the first time, so that the forklift can absolutely carry out long-time and high-intensity operations as internal combustion forklifts.

The MSD maintenance switch enables one-click power-down and safer maintenance.

  • Comfort

    The enlarged brake pedal and appropriate regenerative braking function can effectively reduce the driver’s fatigue.

  • Advancement

    The vehicle’s 309V high-voltage platform is equipped with a long-lasting large-capacity lithium battery, which is powerful, efficient and energy-saving, adopts a super-fast charging technology that enables a short charging time, and is compatible with the automobile charging pile to enable more convenient charging.

  • Safety

    The cover of the vehicle is designed to be sealed to the water resistance level of IPX4. All the motor, electronic controls and high-voltage components reach the dust and water resistance level of IP67, a high protection level adequate to withstand harsh operating environments and ensure safety and reliability.

  • Maintainability

    The water tank lid can be removed quickly and easily without a tool to enable a large operating area for cleaning and maintenance.

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