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XH series high-voltage counterweight lithium battery forklifts are new series of high-voltage counterweight lithium battery forklifts independently developed by Hangcha relying on the new energy automobile voltage platform for the first time based on the deep understanding of electric forklifts and internal combustion forklifts for decades by breaking through the traditional design concept.

The vehicle’s high-voltage platform, standard 540.96V or optional 608.58V, equipped with a heavy truck water-cooled standard box features better heat dissipation, longer endurance mileage and more durable battery.

The wide-opened hood better facilitate repair and maintenance of electrical components.

The over-turnable cab and electric tipping cylinder make tipping easier and more labor-saving.

  • Cab

    Fully enclosed integral cab The cab adopts connection with four-point shock-absorbing rubber to reduce vibration, and is equipped with electric and manual tipping mechanisms to facilitate routine maintenance. The large cab floor and ample overhead and leg space enable the driver to enter and leave the cab easily at any time. The fully enclosed cab is heatproof, dust-proof and waterproof.

  • Performance with a panorama view

    The wide-view mast with optimized design is unlikely to obstruct the operator's line of sight. The enlarged opening size of the fork carriage enables a wider view, a large operation space, and excellent ergonomic design.

  • Excellent heat dissipation Performance

    For the first time, a water cooling system is used for controlling the motor, electric control and battery and achieving a good heat dissipation effect, so that the forklift can absolutely carry out long-time and high-intensity operations as internal combustion forklifts.

  • Dependable powertrain

    The vehicle adopts a whole machine controller to redeploy the traction integrated controller (PDU+ DC/DC+MCU) to form an intelligent driving system, being light-weighted, efficient and independent.

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