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The XH series heavy-duty high-voltage lithium battery special forklift inherits the advantages of the XH heavy-duty series and adopts the CATL standard box. This tonnage industry is the one that uses a dual-water cooling system for the motor and battery. It has super heat dissipation performance and can meet 24h non-stop operation. It is very suitable for various high-temperature environments such as ship cabins and other airtight and high-temperature environments (even the operating environment temperature can reach 50°C), heavy attachments such as paper roll clamps, and operations in front of smelting furnaces.

Both the drive and operating systems are vehicle-grade permanent magnet synchronization systems. Equipped with a high speed ratio gearbox, the driving speed, lifting speed, upslope degree and acceleration performance surpass that of internal combustion vehicles.

The electrical system is equipped with high-voltage interlocks, insulation detection, offering vehicle-grade safety measures. The MSD maintenance switch enables one-click power-down and safer maintenance;

All CATL lithium batteries are equipped with standard automatic battery fire extinguishing devices, allowing higher safety in use.

The water cooling system keeps the battery at the best working temperature of about 30°C, with high efficiency, slow decay and long life.

The large ventilation opening designed for internal combustion forklifts allows better heat dissipation of the battery and the motor.

The heat dissipation area of the air outlet is 7.5 times that of ordinary high-voltage electric truck. The working temperature of the motor/electric control + battery is lower than that of ordinary high-voltage electric truck by more than 10%.

  • Stylish appearance

    With the inherited classic exterior design of the dedicated XC lithium battery forklift and a smooth and sturdy profile, the whole vehicle is compact, elegant, stylish and sturdy.

  • Safe and reliable

    The cover of the vehicle is designed to be sealed to the water resistance level of IPX4 for the body. All the motor, electronic controls and high-voltage components reach the dust and water resistance level of IP67, a high protection level adequate to withstand harsh operating environments and ensure safety and reliability.

  • Strong adaptability

    The drive axle, steering axle and tires of internal combustion forklifts can meet the demand of high-intensity operating conditions of internal combustion forklifts. It meets all-weather operating conditions and is usable under severe operating conditions such as cold storage, heavy rains and waterlogged roads.

  • Convenient maintenance

    The vehicle with ergonomic design, a wide view and a large operating space makes it easier for drivers to operate; The multi-functional color screen instrument is designed to have graphic interfaces; three SPE speed gears are selectable to adapt to different operating conditions; interfaces can be switched between English and Chinese to meet the demands of customers at home and abroad;

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