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The RS4531CH-XHJG electric reach stacker is a newly developed product based on Hangcha’s new lithium battery platform of XH series and years of experience in R&D of internal combustion reach stacker. With the new technologies of three-phase drive motor, separate pump control, kinetic energy recovery, etc., the electric reach stacker can make quick operation response at low operation energy consumption. With intelligent and efficient performance, the vehicle is energy-saving, safe and reliable.

Both the battery and junction box have MSD maintenance switches to enable one-click power-down and safer maintenance.


A double-gun quick charging port offers a full charge in no more than 2 hours.

  • Maintainability

    An easy-to-remove hood; all the maintenance points are in easily accessible positions to facilitate repair and maintenance of electrical elements.

  • Intelligence

    High-definition LCD instruments have simple graphical interfaces to display data clearly. The interfaces can be switched to be shown in Chinese and English. A vehicle central control system, which has bus architecture, and interconnected motor, battery and heat management control system.

  • Advancement

    A high-torque permanent magnet synchronous motor provides strong power for the vehicle with performance indicators benchmarked against that of internal combustion forklifts. A 618V high-voltage platform with low system loss and a standard chilled water tank for heavy-duty truck to achieve good heat dissipation. The vehicle has independently developed VCU program along with PDU+MCU+BMS+DC/DC to form a reliable and efficient drive system with flexible function configuration.

  • Safety

    The cover of the vehicle is designed to be sealed so that the protection level of the vehicle reaches level IPX4. The electrical system has high-voltage interlocking, insulation protection and monitoring, and potential balancing functions to offer vehicle-grade safety.

  • ELME new-generation container spreader

    For the new-generation ELME817 series telescopic container spreader, the design of the telescopic beam, turntable, etc. are optimized, so that the structural strength is increased, the weight of the spreader is 16% less than that of the spreader of the last generation and the service life is prolonged by 30%. The arrangement of the oil cylinder is changed to be more conducive to maintenance. Design of the hydraulic system is optimized, so that the spreader system has less pressure loss and is more energy-saving and efficient. With electro-hydraulic proportional control, the speed is adjustable and the rotation angle of the spreader can be smoothly and finely controlled.

  • Efficient hydraulic system

    American PARKER’s combined hydraulic valves, PARKER’s variable hydraulic pump and the load sensing hydraulic system. Flexible and precise electric proportional control. Light load high-speed lifting increases work efficiency. Independent temperature control and the large-size hydraulic oil cooler meet the work in the environment of up to 50 degrees.

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