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The XC series reach truck with lithium power fully utilize the advantages of lithium battery and achieve disruptive innovations in vehicle structure, functional configuration, performance parameters, ergonomics, and operating vision. We cater for a wide range of applications whilst ensuring optimum energy efficiency. Regardless of your special requirements – whether confined spaces or lifting height reaches 7m, load capacity of up to 1,200 kg or individual customisation with various options – we have the truck you need. Compact size of the lithium battery pack and breaking through the traditional structure design, makes the truck style more novel and more efficient.

Thanks to the integrated design of the instrument function buttons, the truck console saves a lot of physical buttons, making it more concise and efficient.

Charging port

Rotate the seat away

Floor Spot projects a blue dot on the floor around the truck. Especially at blind intersections or at the end of rack aisles, the Floor Spot alerts an approaching truck in time to respond.

Easy access protects the reach truck against unauthorised use. Authorisation management is directly controlled via the truck’s display. Customised to your requirements and company size – you can choose between the key( Std.), PIN code and transponder.

Our positioning lasers significantly simplify the stacking and retrieval process and increase the safety for load and rack. The laser sources are integrated into the fork tips, projecting a red line on the area ahead. This allows the operator to adjust the fork more accurately to be able to drive effortlessly into the pallet.

Maximum visibility: The panorama roof panel without cross beams provides maximum visibility of the goods and forks.

  • Efficient and durable

    CATL lithium battery is standard for all series, adopting 80V voltage system which can provides fast charging and long service life and less energy loss. The special-shaped lithium battery pack design provides a large operating space in the cab and a broad view.

  • Drive control limit

    Drive control limits the travelling speed and traverse speed as soon as the forks are raised. This increases the safety when manoeuvring with a raised pallet in front of the storage rack, while still ensuring more sensitive manoeuvring during the work cycle.

  • Easy maintenance

    The battery pack can be replaced quickly. The driver can unlock and remove the battery while sitting on his seat.

  • Height selection

    Multiple heights can be pre-set on the instrument. After the function is enabled, when the fork is about to be lifted to the preset height, the lifting speed will gradually slow down and the fork will finally stops at the set height steadily.

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