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The new XC series new energy electric forklift XC-Pro, covering seven tonnage segments of 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/3.8t, is a series of key products newly upgraded based on Hancha Group's lithium battery platform XC series.

The packs can be easily removed by a manual or electric cart and can be repaired and maintained conveniently.

The hood (with a self-locking gas spring) can be opened at a large angle facilitating the maintenance and replacement of the battery.

With the standard multi-way valve manipulator handle, the manipulation force is reduced by 20%, and the standard lifting sensor and the new type of load-sensing multi-way valve allow comfortable operation and better inching performance.

Optional fingertip integrated operating system and rocker handle operating system, the combined operating armrest integrates the emergency cut-off, horn and switches, etc., is electrically controlled through the CAN bus and is highly reliable.

  • Total Comfort

    The dashboard in the driver's cab is placed on the right side of the instrument rack, accessible and easy to operate. Comfortable acceleration control and regenerative braking function can effectively reduce the driver’s fatigue.

  • Soft Landing

    The intelligent sensing enables soft landing. When the fork is 100 - 60mm away from the ground, the descending will automatically slow down, so that the goods and pallet will not hit the ground and the goods and ground can be protected effectively.

  • Main Accessories

    The main electrical components such as the motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency cut-off switch, dashboard, accelerator, are all products of well-known foreign brands. The emergency cut-off switch equipped for the standard configuration complies with European safety regulations.

  • Advancement

    The high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control, and has excellent speed regulation performance, good performance of electronic control matching the motor, functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-sliding on ramps, etc. and high safety and reliability.

  • Safe and Reliable

    The standard configuration provides a fork descending buffering function. In addition, an optional electronic control function for buffering the fork’s ascending is provided to protect the goods from falling and damaging the ground. The handbrake can be optionally equipped with an alarm buzzer to prompt the driver to pull up the handbrake before leaving the vehicle. Optional electric handbrake configured is provided with automatic parking and ramp holding function.

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