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The side forklift is a special type of industrial vehicle. The main difference between it and the general counterbalanced front forklift is that the working device of the side fork is installed on the side of the vehicle body. In addition to being able to lift and tilt, it can also extend and Income.

The layout of the cab is clean and tidy, and the sealing performance is good. Air conditioners and heaters are optional. It adopts the form of control box, which is convenient for maintenance.

The whole car adopts energy-saving and environment-friendly LED lighting system. The key parts adopt waterproof sheath to prevent water ingress failure. Front and rear lights come standard with protective covers.

The telescopic pipeline on the side of the door frame is protected by a drag chain to prevent the oil pipe from being worn out, which is more beautiful.

The cab is designed with front and rear sliding doors, making it easier to get on and off in narrow passages.

  • Exterior

    The machine adopts the current international popular large arc, streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous.

  • Advancement

    The arrangement of rollers in the well-shaped channel makes the movement of the mast more smooth. The front and rear wheels float with the road surface, making the vehicle run more smoothly.

  • Reliability

    The quality of the engine is reliable, and there are a variety of power options available. The quality of the hydraulic gearbox and torque converter is reliable and stable, with the advantages of good reliability and low impact noise.

  • Comfort and convenience

    The design of the whole vehicle conforms to the principle of ergonomics, and the operation is comfortable. It adopts the internationally accepted non-supporting leg design, with simple structure, easy operation and high work efficiency. Both the cargo platform and the fork of the frame can be tilted, which is convenient for users to use.

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