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The Hangcha HB Serier telescopic boom lift lets you virtually place materials, attachments and operators in and on a virtual boom platform; then it automatically calculates the load weight. If the weight of what you’ve added to the platform is under the boom lift’s rated capacity, the load will rise — but if you’ve exceeded its capacity, the load will stay on the ground. The HB Serier telescopic boom lift experience shows you how industry-mandated platform load-sensing technology works in the real world: It disables the boom lift if the load weight is above its rated capacity. If the load weight is below that rated capacity, the virtual boom lift will work within its operating envelope

With the 12V emergency power system, the operator can be safely returned to the ground even if the main battery out of power.

The front bridge has floating function, make driving more stable on unlevelling land.

Permanent magnet motor drive variable piston pump, strong performance and low energy consumption.

2.44 m large basket, can accommodate 3 people working at the same time. The basket controller is equipped with 3 proportional control handles, and the boom expansion and amplitude variation support simultaneous movements.

  • Machine Characteristics

    460/310kg double load capacity design, larger load, wider range of operation. The upper control is configured with 3 proportional control handles, smooth and accurate action, better micromobility. Hangcha brand lithium battery, five-year warranty, high quality guarantee, excellent performance, safe and reliable. Self weight drop and the electric proportional speed regulation reduce the energy consumption.

  • Permanent magnet motor drive

    Energy consumption reduced by more than 10%, strong power, the maximum climbing capacity reaches 45%. It drive variable piston pump, performance is better than the diesel model, could realize two actions simultaneously .

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