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The A series pallet with high lift is a pedestrian pallet truck which can also be used for order picking and light stacking operations. In addition to the support arm lift the load can be raised to an overall height of 675 mm via a simplex mast contained in the battery compartment. This height adjustment is really appreciated when order picking, restocking shelves in retail stores or assembly line activities in manufacturing industries.

The truck benefits from a long tiller with a low mounting point ensuring a large safety clearance between operator & chassis

Automatic picking functions (OPT.) enable all kind of loads to be lifted or lower quickly and without fatigue

Easy battery charging - suitable for any convenient electric outlet

The support arm lift capacity is 2000 kg while the mast lift capacity is 800 kg

  • Stability

    Integrated mast matched to chassis width. High resistance fork carriage and load arms made of robust pressed steel.

  • Comfort

    All commands integrated to the tiller, the function buttons can be operated in comfortable way. For safe use in confined areas,tiller operates in vertical position via crawl speed button.

  • Safety

    The truck has the lowering intelligent protection function. When the forks are less than 150mm away from the ground, the side lowering button is ineffective. With the emergency reverse button at the head of the handle, when the truck runs back and there is emergency, it can effectively prevent the driver from injury.

  • Reliability

    With five-supporting-point and low gravity center design, a rugged construction makes the pallet truck that can be relied on. With the non-contact proximity switch, such switch has long service life and can operate reliably.

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