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Lift Height


Drive Types


The A series lithium battery 4-6t pallet truck can be used for handling large and heavy cargoes in mold factories, motor factories, PV and other industries. The compact size and strong bearing capacity allow it to handle heavy cargoes in narrow passages.

The hydraulic pump station, switches, connectors and other key parts are all products of internationally renowned brands.

The operating panel is designed with a USB charging port and a slot for placing a mobile phone so that the operator can conveniently charge the phone at any time.

Designed with shock-absorbing function, the pedal can greatly improve the ride comfort and alleviate the operator’s fatigue due to long-time driving.

The stamped fork with higher strength and impact resistance, and guided fork prongs, further improve operation efficiency.

  • Exterior

    A large number of steel plate stamping and molding processes are used to enable a robust and durable product.

  • CATL lithium battery

    CATL lithium battery as standard configuration to greatly improve work efficiency due to its rapid charging and plug-and-play feature.

  • CANBUS structure

    The CANBUS structure makes the whole vehicle communication faster and more reliable.

  • Total Comfort

    The optimized design of the body structure enables the forklift to have an excellent operating view and to access the pallet more easily.

  • Strength

    The new drive boost design can effectively ensure the driving wheel load to prevent slippage. With a low noise and low vibration hydraulic power unit to enable stable and reliable lifting and descending. The battery is reliably fixed and the battery cover is supported by soft materials, so that the vibration and noise generated during the operation of the vehicle are reduced.

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