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A series light-load intermediate-position stockpickers are high-end models of storage equipment. The vehicle has a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent ergonomics and advanced control system.

For the standard configuration, multi-function instruments have multiple functions such as speed selection, wheel position display, etc. and can clearly display various information of the vehicle.

The acceleration joystick is equipped with a sensing switch for the standard configuration to prevent mis-touch during operations.

The mast chain with a safety factor of 10 times is equipped with a chain safety switch.

Fork end with a secondary operating system to control the ascending/descending of cab and fork and facilitate goods picking.

  • Reliability

    The frame is made of high-strength steel plate and has a long service life. All wires and cables are reliably protected, greatly improving the reliability of the electrical system. Important components such as switches, connectors, instruments, etc. are imported from abroad, with excellent performance and reliable quality.

  • High performance

    With an AC walking motor, it has excellent acceleration performance, good climbing performance, low heat generation, no carbon brush and is maintenance-free. The advanced CURTIS AC control system provides precise, smooth and efficient control. The CANBUS structure makes the whole vehicle communication faster and more reliable.

  • Comfort

    With double cylinders and free triplex mast, during the ascending/descending, there is no impact caused by oil cylinder switching, but good comfort and safety. The ascending/descending speeds of the cab and fork can be adjusted proportionally and controlled precisely.

  • Safety

    The tilt switch is equipped as standard. When the vehicle is tilted to a certain angle forward or backward, to the left or right, it stops working. The cab must be lowered to a certain height to continue working. The safety pedal is equipped as standard and you need to step on the pedal to perform other operations to improve safety.

  • Maintenance

    The AC motor has no carbon brush and is maintenance-free, which greatly saves the cost of use. The integrated power display, timing and fault self-diagnosis meter is convenient for maintenance. The rear hood can be easily disassembled for easy maintenance of hydraulic unit, electronic control, motor and other parts.

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