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The A2 series are upgraded products that adopt advanced technology and are independently developed by Hangcha on the basis of the prior products.


For the standard configuration, a less-angled accelerator pedal is provided to reduce the driver’s fatigue.

Increase the space of the pedals on the car, making it more convenient to get on the car.

The panoramic rearview mirror provides a wider rearview field of view, making driving more comfortable

A brand new air filter with a safety filter element makes the engine air intake cleaner and more powerful.

The newly developed bus instrumentsmore clearly show the information such as the running status of the vehicle, fault detection, maintenance reminders, etc. to the driver, and make maintenance easier.

  • High Efficiency And Energy Saving

    For the standard configuration, load sensing is provided to ensure steering priority and reduce energy loss. Increase the hydraulic pipe diameter and optimize pipe elbows and layout so as to reduce energy loss, lower the hydraulic oil temperature and prolong the service life of hydraulic components.

  • New exterior design

    With the inherited exterior design of Hangcha’s products, classic but innovative, the vehicle has a smooth, vivid and sturdy profile. With a half enclosed dashboard, the vehicle looks compact and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Safety and Reliability

    With optimized design of layout and center of gravity, the vehicle is more stable. With the vacuum-assisted braking system provided for the standard configuration, less operating force is needed, and braking will not be a hindrance for steering, and vice versa. The hydraulic system uses 24° conical seals to improve the sealing performance.

  • Mast Visibility Increased By 10%

    With an ultra-wide view mast, upgraded chains and longitudinally-arranged sprockets, the safety coecient of the mast and the front view through the mast are significantly improved.

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