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The A2 series is a series of forklifts of Hangcha based on the advanced technology through comprehensive upgrading of the exterior design, green and energy efficiency, safety and reliability, comfort and convenience. The forklifts have greatly improved performance, capable of meeting your all-round needs.

The LED lighting system is provided in the entire forklift, which can save energy and power and greatly improve the performance and service life of lights.

The semi-enclosed instrument console make the entire forklift look compact and stylish.

Enlarged boarding step space allows more convenience for boarding.

The wide-open hood, increasing maintenance space by 10%.

The optimized heat dissipation system, improved counterweight heat dissipation channel and reduced wind resistance of the radiator enable the cooling efficiency to rise by 10%.

Large-screen LED instrument newly developed, which can completely display information such as the running status of the vehicle, fault detection and maintenance reminder in front of the driver more intuitively and can improve the convenience of maintenance.

  • New design

    Inherit the exterior design of Hangcha’s A products and integrate innovation in classic style, thus the vehicle has a smooth vivid profile and a sturdy design. The newly designed semi-enclosed instrument console make the entire forklift look compact and stylish.

  • Safety and reliability

    The vehicle has an optimized layout design, reduced front overhang, lowered center of gravity and improved stability of the entire forklift. The new channel steel, ultra-wide-view mast and lowered dashboard in the cab broaden the front view of the driver significantly. Profiled steel overhead guard features high strength with good sealing of the cab.

  • Comfort and convenience

    Standard seat with an adjustable backrest has good packaging and anti-slip design, enabling a more comfortable driving and sitting experience. The low-angle accelerator pedal reduces the driver’s fatigue. Integrated light combination switch makes the operation more convenient.

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