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The X series 5t stone forklift, based on the X series, retains the existing highlights of the X series. By adoption of a differentiated competitive strategy according to the characteristics of the stone market working conditions, it improves product performance in terms of load capacity, reliability, heat dissipation capacity, braking capacity, dust and water resistance, surpassing competing products.

Tilt cylinder piston rod adopts 5-7t

Special bolt

Wet braking drive axle

Big surrounded chair

  • Stable and reliable braking

    Highly load-bearing and fully enclosed wet brake drive axle, isolated from sand, oil stains and other harsh environmental influences, realizing high reliability, stable braking, maintenance free and semi-permanent life. The axle housing with a safety bearing factor of 3.7 times exhibits high bearing capacity.

  • Strong adaptability to heavy-duty operating conditions

    5.5T rated load, 2100mm wheel base, showing large load capacity and excellent stability. 315N·m high torque and high-pressure common-rail engine, displaying strong explosive power. Okamura floating hydraulic transmission exhibiting outstanding performance and better adaptability to high-intensity operating conditions.

  • Good resistance to dust and sand

    Fully enclosed wet brake, high-mounted drive axle breather, steering cylinder jacket, tilt cylinder jacket, double paper air filter, protective board of heat dissipater, waterproof connector and other parts can reduce or isolate the influence of harsh environment such as sand, oil stain and dust, which can perfectly adapt to the harsh environment such as dust and sand.

  • Strong Impact Resistance

    By using special reinforced side rollers, The bearing capacity of mast roller is increased by 30%, reinforced plates are added to the upper/lower beams of the outer mast, the rear end of the channel steel and the tilt cylinder seat to four groups to improve the overall strength of the mast and increase the impact resistance.

  • Better comfort

    The floating hydraulic transmission has low vibration, the big surrounded chair is comfortable to sit, the wet brake and electric steering are easy to operate, the mast tilting angle is 9°/9°, thus it is more convenient to fork and pick up goods in the stone market.

  • Energy saving and high efficiency

    High-pressure system, multi-way valve steering priority, single-pump unloading, two pumps converging and other technologies, high eciency and energy saving, low oil temperature, easy to operate.

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