XC series electric forklift with Li-Ion power 4.0~5.0t
XC 4 5t (1)
XC 4-5t (1)
XC 4-5t (2)
XC 4-5t (3)
XC 4-5t (4)
XC 4-5t (5)
XC 4-5t (6)
XC 4-5t (7)
XC 4-5t (8)

XC series 4-5t new energy electric forklifts have tonnage extended on the basis of Hangcha Group’s dedicated XC series 1-3.5t lithium battery vehicles. The whole series covers dedicated lithium battery models dedicatedly developed according to the characteristics of lithium batteries.

Innovative, reliable lithium-ion technology, which are developed jointly by HANGCHA and CATL. Battery cells and modules are from CATL, with reliable quality, exclusively for HANGCHA. Rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous availability of trucks. Lightweight design, flexible, high level of energy efciency, maintenance-free, long service life.

Lithium packs (roller type) that can be replaced quickly
Start with a PIN code or by swiping a card
Ultra-elastic solid nose tire
Environmentally-friendly colored solid tire
Left and right rearview mirrors
Reversing video
Front/rear blue lights
Rear operation lights
Dedicated lithium battery charger (Titan or Schneider)
Cold storage vehicle
Reverse armrest (containing a horn button)
Hood with a key lock
OPS seat sensing function
Fork ascending bufering
Triple multiway valve
Quadruple multiway valve
Quintuple multiway valve
Widened / heightened load backrest
Widened fork carriage
Forks of other lengths
Free duplex mast
Free triplex mast
Built-in side shifter
Accessories of other specifications
Grammer MSG531 suspension seat
Integrated fingertip control system including ergonomic armrests