X series 12t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

The X series is the new series of internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck developed by Hangcha independently, adopting the world advanced technologies based on the original products. Through the comprehensive upgrading of appearance molding, energy conservation, environmental protection, comfort, security and reliability, it will become the world-class forklift truck which can meet your overall demands.

Strong appearance and visual impact

The appearance of full vehicle is developed under the cooperation with professional industrial design company by adopting the appearance design methods of brand-new concept. The streamlined surface modeling design brings smooth lines, elegant appearance, vigorous and steady surface as well as the outstanding inherence, possessing the powerful visual impact.

Fully improved reliability and security

The radiator adopts aluminous plate-fin radiator with better performance and higher structural strength. Impendent oil radiator, optimized oil and water heat dissipation channel and double ventilation holes on counterweight can greatly improve cooling efficiency and reliability of overloaded operation and ensure reliable operation of the engine.

Easy maintenance

The enlarged opening angle of hood and increase of left and right hood side plates can provide you with convenient and rapid maintenance mode.


Reduce the caster angle of instrument stand and adopt the integral hood to greatly increase the space underfoot; The orthodrome of overhead guard fore leg will expand the driving space;

Intelligentized management system
Customer painting
Cabin heater
LED rear working light
Hood lock
Solid tyre
Non-mark tyre (white/green)
Middle-positioned exhaust system
Sparkle arrester
Suspension seat
Automatic shift system
Fuel tank lock
Reversing assist grip with horn button
Height of overhead guard
Dual air filter
Emergency switch
Fan protector
Over-speed alarm
Warning light
OPS system
Waterproof cover on the guard