X series 12-16t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

X SERIES IC FORKLIFT TRUCK Professional industrial exterior design, high product recognition, compact and smooth modelling, modern industrial aesthetics. The concealed arrangement of exposed parts makes the exterior cleaner and neater.

The key parts of the old products have been verified to be reliable and durable by the market for many years, and with modular and standardized design, the main parts are verified step by step in advance, so that the vehicle is highly mature. Structural parts such as the frame, mast, etc. are upgraded and optimized on the basis of existing products, and are verified through CAE analysis and testing.

The degree of digitization is improved. With bus architecture and several built-in diagnosis and management functions, a central controller is added to the vehicle to enable a central fault alarm, simplified operations, easy diagnosis and flexible configuration of electrical functions.

User specified color
Forks of other specifications
Masts of other specifications
Solid tire
Vehicle intercom
Reverse voice buzzer
Electronic alarm light (with\without a control switch)
Rearview system (optionally with a memory)
Front and rear view systems
(optionally with a memory, respectively)
Spark arrester
Fire extinguisher (2kg \ 4kg)
Automatic fire extinguisher
Mast LED operation light
Four-channel driving record system
Speed limit
Blue light
Weighing system
Air prefilter
Electrostatic belt
Cooling air conditioner
Cab fan
Electric tipping pump