R Series 1.0-5.0t Gasoline / LPG Counterbalanced Trucks
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The R series forklift trucks are combines with durability and ergonomics, providing high productivity, good reliability. Conventional automotive driver cabin layout requires minimal operator training. Simple, easy access servicing suits existing mechanically orientated engineers. Mental as well as physical operator comfort features ensure minimal load damage and accidents over an arduous 8-shift, improving reputation and contentment resulting in reduced staff turnover and training.


Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is much better, the residual capacity at same lifting height are better compared with former model. At the same time, it prolongs work time of rear wheel as the reduced rear axle’s load.


The environment friendly engines all meet related exhaust emissions regulations. The noise level also comes up to EU standards.


Spacious operator cabin with very low vibration and noise, as well as clean air, are enjoyed by operators, bystanders and nearby office staff, which is ideal for higher Health &S safety standards.


By focusing on enhancing reliability, reducing downtime, R series is able to make the greater productivity for customer.


R series trucks are easily serviced by mechanically experienced engineers fur to simple design which eliminates bits and pieces involving laptops.

2.0-5.Om duplex mast

2.5-4.Om full free duplex mast

4.3-6.5m triplex mast

Special carriage and backrest

Other dimension forks

Dual drive wheel with fender

Solid tyre

Non-marking tyre(white. green)


Heater and air conditioner

Fire extinguisher

Semi-suspension seat or full-suspension seat

Dual air cleaner or special air cleaner

Rear working light

Customer painting

Auxiliary hydraulic valve modules

High-mounted exhaust system

Middle-mounted exhaust system

Spark arrester