A series 8.0-10t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck
A 8 10t (1)
A 8-10t (1)
A 8-10t (3)
A 8-10t (2)
A 8-10t (4)
A 8-10t (5)

The A series is a novel series of internal combustion counterweight forklifts, which is independently developed by Hangcha by learning Japanese Nissan’s technologies and on the basis of the prior products. Through comprehensive optimization of the exterior design, safety, comfort and reliability, the performance of the vehicle has been greatly improved in comparison with the prior products.

With a new exterior design method used, the vehicle has a smooth vivid profile following the up-to-date exterior design trend.

The center of gravity of the vehicle moves backward to enable the higher longitudinal stability and high-position operation stability of the vehicle.

Advanced ergonomic technology, an integral engine hood, a steering wheel of a smaller size and an enlarged space for the pedaling foot are used to significantly improve the operation comfort and reduce the operator’s fatigue.

The engine’s air intake pipe is provided as an independent channel in a high position to efectively prevent dust from being sucked in.

Cab heater
Cab air conditioner
Solid tire
Clean tire (white/green)
User specified color
Suspended safety seat
High-position emission device
Automatic gear shifting system
High and low overhead guards
Tilt cylinder jacket
Fuel tank cap locked
Double air filters
Counterweight grille
Heat dissipater grille
Engine fan shroud
Electro-hydraulic steering
Exhaust fire protection device
Exhaust purifier
Alarm light
Fire extinguisher
Rear operation lights
Rear armrest with a horn button
Speed limit alarm device
Hydraulic prong adjustment
Main power switch
Wet braking