Hangcha Group Becomes Gold Partner of Kollmorgen


Hangcha Group Company Limited (the “Hangcha Group”) became a gold partner of Swedish Kollmorgen Group on March 1, 2018. It marks more comprehensive and deeper cooperation between Kollmorgen and Hangcha Group in the field of system integration of intelligent logistics, with an alliance between giants. Hangcha Group realized a leap-forward development in the field of total solutions for intelligent logistics!


Hangcha Group was promoted from “Silver Partner” to “Gold Partner” by Kollmorgen in just three months. The Group has fully mastered the NDC automated guidance technology, with advanced and mature technical solutions, rapid and efficient field performance. It demonstrates that intelligent logistics solutions of Hangcha Group are highly recognized and appraised in both terms of technology and market, and signifies significant lifting of Hangcha’s position in the field of AGV.

Hangcha Group is committed to become a top-ranked intelligent logistics total solution provider in the world, and constantly focuses on promoting the application of AGV in many industries including automobile and auto parts, rubber, photovoltaics, pharmaceutical, warehouse & logistics, ceramics, food & beverage, and electricity. Currently it has established extensive cooperation and application with many renowned companies including BMW, Fengshen, Zhongce, Seraphim, Bicon, Jingdong, Xinchai Power, Yingfeng, and Sinotrans.

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