New Product Arrival - X Series Electric Four-Way Reach Truck


We are pleased to introduce our latest product specifically designed for handling long materials--the X Series Electric Four-Way Reach Truck with a capacity of 2,000 to 3,000kg and utilizes the 80V system, ideal for indoor and outdoor long material handling and stacking in narrow aisles. 


Greater flexibility and efficiency upon the latest technologies

Our X series electric four-way reach truck has multi-directional driving features, allowing operators flexibility and convenience in navigating narrow aisles. For instance, a pallet with 1.2m*3m (load center distance 600mm), and the aisle width required for stacking goods with a traditional forklift is 5 meters, while those with our four-way reach truck need only 2.6m, boosting warehouse space utilization by 50%.


With the implementation of sideways mode, the aisle width can be significantly reduced from A to B, greatly increasing warehouse utilization efficiency.

Powerful Overall Performance 

The maximum gradeability is 12%, with a travel speed up to 12 km/h (3.0 ton model as an example.) In addition, it enjoys three-speed models: super, power, and eco, which enable it to adapt to different operation conditions. 

Flexible with Three Models


The X series electric four-way reach truck offers three flexible modes: 360° rotation, sideways movement, and straight movement, suitable for narrow aisles and limited spaces.

Incredible Lithium-ion Technology Benefits

The mainstream power source on the market currently is lead-acid, while we are utilizing lithium-ion batteries, which will bring many incredible benefits.

Safety and comfort are provided to the operator

Safety is always the most important. While ensuring driving comfort, our forklift boasts multiple safety enhancements for operators, your operators will also enjoy:

Enhanced Operator Safety

The front and rear wheel braking systems are crucial for outdoor operations on slippery surfaces, offering better stability and control compared to a single braking system, thereby enhancing operator safety.

Improved Operator Comfort

Utilizing a suspended cabin design and articulated steering axle design not only reduces vehicle vibrations but also greatly improves driver comfort and operational experience.

Our X series electric four-way reach truck is a reliable assistant for long material handling, such as pipeline, metal, and timber utilized in the construction and forestry sectors.


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