Global Launch - Hangcha XE Series Electric Forklifts


Last Friday, Hangcha officially launched the XE series electric forklifts to the global market through Hangcha LIVE.

Global Launch - Hangcha XE Series Electric Forklifts (2).jpg

Global Launch - Hangcha XE Series Electric Forklifts (1).jpg

"This is an adaptable, durable, comfortable and affordable material handling solution that can go anywhere and do anything." Kelly, Hangcha Marketing Specialist, said during the LIVE. "It is no doubt a perfect alternative to IC forklift, with as high performance as IC forklifts while enjoys reduced noise, 0 emission and low total cost of ownership ."

Now, the XE series covers from 1.5-3.8t, with a battery capacity of up to 80V/608Ah. Key innovations such as permanent magnet synchronous technology and leading lithium-battery technology give material handling equipment several key benefits. 

Adapted to varied working conditions 

The forklifts hold an IPX4 water resistance rating to ensure reliability in indoor and outdoor operational environments; 

Battery electrical heater technology is adopted to handle materials even in low temperatures; 

Specially designed heat dissipation structure adapts to long time heavy working conditions; 

Large tyres and 155mm ground clearance enable it to go over uneven and gravel roads.

High efficiency brings more possibilities 

Its travel speed is up to 18km/h, gradeability of 25%; The XE series adopt as tough mast & steering axle as IC forklift, which enables it to handle heavy duties. And its permanent magnet synchronous technology brings higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Affordable and loved by everyone 

It may cost a little bit more when you buy an electric forklift than an IC forklift, but you will find the electric forklift enjoys a very low total cost of ownership thanks to the maintenance-free batteries and energy efficiency. Compared to a 3t IC forklift, you can save over $44000 in 5 years, maintenance cost not included( this may be varied on different energy prices at different regions). 

In addition, this series electric forklift has excellent ergonomics such as a visual instrument that can show the exact status of the truck, wide front and rear view and large operation space to reduce fatigue during work. 

It is also a 0-emission solution that can reduce about 21,000kg of carbon emission a year, which is equal to planting 1260 trees. 

Now, the first 100 units have been delivered to customers in South East Asia and won great satisfaction. Below are some of their feeling on this truck.

"For the feeling of driving this electric truck, it is quiet, but it is as strong as an engine forklift, it is smooth and very stable." 

"The truck body is strong and the battery can be a quick change option." 

"And the forklift itself is higher ground clearance than before Suitable for outdoor working."

 "The steering is quite good, no stuck." 

Global Launch - Hangcha XE Series Electric Forklifts (3).jpg

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