Hangcha Highlights At 2022 MEGATRANS


MEGATRANS is one of Australia's largest comprehensive exhibitions and conferences focusing on logistics, transportation, supply chain fields, etc. This year, MEGATRANS attracted more than 100 attendees from truck, material handling solutions, attachments, tires, intelligent management system, etc., at the Melbourne Exhibition Center from 24th-26th, August.


“Though there are not as many people as we expect after COVID-19, Hangcha is still one of the most attractive booths during the expo.” Leon Luo, the general manager of Hangcha Australia branch said, “the most inquiries we receive during the expo are the lithium-ion technology. 2 hours to have a full charge and short charge during the break, making 3 shifts continuous work possible is one of the amazing technology that surprises those who come to our booth.”

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During the 3-day exhibition, we presented our latest and innovative lithium-ion forklifts and technology, such as the 2.5 t XC series lithium-ion forkliftXC series lithium-ion reach truck, which no doubt made our stand 2207 one of the most eye-catching booths. And some of them enquired whether we could help change their current lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries, by which they can improve their productivity at an affordable price. The answer was “yes”. We also brought with us a 5t rough terrain forklift that was favored by many customers in the wood and stone industries. 

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In addition, we welcomed Albert’s interview, a local influencer in the transportation industry, who was interested in our lithium-ion technology, our branch and future plan. Now, we have founded a branch in Melbourne, Australia, which will help provide a fast response to customers’ demands on products, parts and service. And in the future, we’re going to expand our local warehouse and bring more products that suit the local market. After the interview, he expressed great interest in our products and would like to have another discussion about our potential cooperation opportunity. 

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