Hangcha 2025+ Plan: To Go All Electric


With the increase attention to environmental protection, all walks of life are trying to help reducine the environmental impacts, forklift industry is no exception. According to the statistics of China Industrial Truck Association (CITA), the sales volume of electric forklifts in China in 2021 is 657,800 units, up 60.33% year on year, accounting for 59.83% of the total forklift sales, and the proportion of electric trucks will continue to rise in the future.

As the global No. 8 in industrial trucks and services, Hangcha Group is accelerating our electrification strategy comprehensively. In 2021, Hangcha Group sold nearly 110,000 electric forklifts, up 55% year-on-year, accounting for 43.90% of the company's total forklift sales, trying to reduce the impact on the environment in our way.

In recent years, Hangcha Group has launched a series new energy products varied from counterbalanced trucks, warehouse equipment and AGVs and provides alternative solutions to diesel products, such li-ionhigh-voltage li-ion and hydrogen fuel cell trucks, which can deliver the performance of an IC truck in terms of productivity and efficiency.

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A Full Line of Lithium-ion Powered Material Handling Equipment

Among the abundant products, our XC series electric forklifts powered by lithium Iron battery leads the world and are favored by customers especially from EU and North America Market, which has been tested over 273 different times for safety and reliability. This full line of lithium-ion models provides the equipment with several key benefits:

1.      Safest Lithium-ion Battery Chemistry thanks to the Lithium Iron Phosphate chemical makeup of the battery packs.

2.      Opportunity Charging that allows the equipment to run in multi-shift operations.

3.      Rapid Charging that allows the equipment to be charged in as little as two hours.

4.      Maintenance Free Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs

5.      Low Total Cost of Ownership

6.      More Energy Efficient/Higher Energy Density than comparable Lead-Acid powered equipment

7.      Longer Run Times

8.      Environmentally Friendly thanks to the batteries not using acid and the drivetrain not releasing harmful fumes.

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5t XC series electric forklift with Li-Ion technology

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Li-ion forklifts to customers in Bulgaria

Another product XH series high voltage lithium battery forklift truck also leads the world. This new models provides demanding industrial application an incredible alternative to an IC truck, which delivers the performance of an IC truck in terms of productivity and efficiency, alongside benefits from reduced noise levels, zero emissions and a low total cost of ownership. The tough trucks are designed for materials handling in heavy-duty industries such as in brick and blocks, metal, and energy industries, ideal for sites with long working times and long driving distances. The high-voltage lithium batteries (309 V) can be fully charged in an hour and keep running for 12 hours, depending on working conditions.

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XH series high voltage lithium battery forklift truck

In order to help reach the national goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality", Hangcha Group will continue to develop new energy strategy of products powered by electric and hydrogen fuel cell and will improve our annual production capacity of new-energy products to 200,000 units in 2022. And by 2022, our electric forklifts will cover from 0.5-48 tons, which can meet customers' diversified material handling needs. In 2025, we will strive to go all electric!

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