Hangcha Group was Awarded as "National Industrial Design Center"


Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a document to publicize the list of the fifth batch of national industrial design centers. The Industrial Design Center for Industrial Vehicles of Hangcha Group was successfully recognized. After being awarded as the National Enterprise Technology Center and the National Post-doctoral Dcientific Research Workstation, Hangcha Group again is approved as the National Innovation Platform.

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The National Industrial Design Center is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which has strong industrial design innovation capabilities, distinctive features, standardized management, outstanding performance, and advanced development levels in the country, and plays a leading role in the industry.

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Industrial design is an important guide and key breakthrough for the high-quality development of manufacturing. For Hangcha Group, industrial design is an important driving force to increase the added value of products, improve corporate competitiveness, enhance the value chain and the industrial chain, and empower the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Holding the unique concept of industrial design--3S (Simple, Solid, Smart), Hangcha builds an industrial design innovation system, significantly improves industrial design capabilities, and leads product development in an all-round way. Hangcha Group has developed a large number of industry-leading key components and industrial vehicle innovations such as the lithium batteries for industrial vehicles, high-performance electric drive axles, wet brake drive axles, XC series electric forklift truck with lithium-iron-phosphate, XC series reach truck with lithium-iron-phosphate, hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, XF series, X series internal combustion forklifts, X series heavy-duty forklifts, AGVs, etc., to support the sustained and rapid development of the company. 

The approval to build a national industrial design center this time is a high recognition and affirmation of Hangcha Group's strength in industrial design and technological innovation. In the future, Hangcha will take this opportunity to continue to focus on the intensive cultivation of industrial vehicles. With " intelligent, green, service-oriented " as the key development direction, Hangcha will further optimize the technological innovation system, continue to increase R & D capability, and enhance the core competitiveness of products and market influence to drive and lead the transformation of industry, and empower the high-quality development of Chinese industrial vehicle industry.

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