Battery Maintenance Instructions for 1.2t Lithium Battery Electric Pallet Truck



Storage of Lithium Battery

● The battery shall be stored at the 30-50% state of charge;

● The battery shall be stored in indoor space with ambient temperature from -5℃ to 35℃ that is dry, clean, well ventilated, and free of corrosive gas, direct exposure to sunlight, and away from heat source;

● The battery may not be placed upside down, and shall be kept away from mechanical impact or heavy pressure;

Test battery voltage in every three months, and charge it to 30-50% SOC with regular charging current. When battery is stored for a long time, perform charge-discharge test once in a year with regular charging method and discharging current, and then charge it to 30-50% SOC for storage;

Voltage and capacity of battery will decline gradually during storage, at higher speed when temperature and humidity increase. However, there would be no substantial change of performance of battery during storage, and performance of the battery could be restored after charging again.

Maintenance of Lithium Battery

If any anomaly of charge / discharge is found when battery is used, it shall be examined and maintained timely in order to avoid further damage. The battery must be maintained by a professional or trained operator.

● Disconnect power source before maintenance;

● When it is maintained, first check if the battery has any electric leakage, and then examine, repair, and eliminate electric leakage if any;

● Perform the following examinations after the battery has been used for 1-2 months, and eliminate immediately if any problem is found;

● Check various fastening bolts and nuts for any possible loosening;

● Check connecting wires between batteries, and connecting wires between battery and the equipment powered for any possible loosening;

● Check wire harnesses for any possible abrasion, or any exposed metal part;

● Check battery surface for dust and other debris, and electrical connections for any possible rusting;

● Take protective measures properly during maintenance;

● Do not re-assemble / disassemble battery without approval during maintenance;

● Do not damage battery case during maintenance;

Important Notes

● The user may not open / disassemble the battery without approval;

● Avoid abuse of operation (overcharge, over discharge, charge / discharge with large current out of limits, crushing, puncturing, impact, dropping, etc.);

● Avoid short circuit, dropping, impact, and jolting when battery is installed or used;

● Keep battery away from inflammables, explosives, and corrosive chemicals, and prevent from soaking, direct exposure to sunlight, contact with naked flame, or heating. Avoid placing it at damp or corrosive locations for a long time;

● Do not use the battery and another battery of different type / from different manufacturer in series or in parallel;

● The battery shall be charged with charging device and charging method that are from us or accepted by us;

● Do not cover the battery and make sure the space is well ventilated when battery is being charged;

● Never charge / discharge the battery by force after termination conditions for charge / discharge are met;

● It may result in liquid leakage, overheat, breakage, and even fire and other consequences of the battery when it is used out of the limits below:

● Upper limit of charging voltage for single-layer battery: 4.15V;

● Lower limit of discharging voltage for single-layer battery: 3.0V;

● Continuous charging with 0.5C or higher current;

● Upper limit of module temperature: 55℃

● Upper limit of working temperature: 50℃;

● Cut off power source immediately and contact us timely if and when any anomaly (such as undesirable odor, abnormal noise, smoke, etc.) is found when the battery is being used;

● Cover the battery with dry ice, dry powder fire extinguisher or sand and soil (never with water) if and when it catches fire;

● Do not throw away used batteries at will after the end of service life;

● Do not damage barcode, nameplate, non-tear label, and other product markings from the battery without approval;

Handling of Abnormal Circumstances

If charger or management system breaks down suddenly or the system is over charged continuously, the battery will suffer irreparable damage, and in certain cases, the module may become very hot, and end up in smoking and melting of insulation layer. Once smoking or melting of the battery is found, please operate by following the procedure below to avoid escalation of the problem:

● Remove charging power source, and evacuate the crowd immediately;

● Isolate the battery and keep the location well ventilated;

● Cover the location of smoking with sand or spray at it with carbon dioxide fire extinguisher;

● Cut off high-voltage source immediately if the battery is soaked by water, and contact the truck manufacturer timely for testing.

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