Dear Friends,
We are glad to introduce 2.0~3.5t XC Series Electric Forklift with Li-Ion Power to you.

  • Models: CPD20-XD4-SI26, CPD25-XD4-SI26 , CPD30-XD4-SI26, CPD35-XD4-SI26
  • Load capacity range covering: 2000~3500kg
  • Travel speed, unladen: 19km/h, Lift speed, unladen: 560mm/s, overall length (2.5t): 3370mm
  • INMOTION controller, KDS traction motor, SCHABMULLER pump motor
  • CATL Battery Pack with 80V Lithium Iron-Phosphate
  • Feature:XC series electric forklift with innovative, reliable 80V lithium iron-phosphate power features rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous availability of vehicles. The specialized structure also provides lightweight design, flexible chassis, high level of energy efficiency, maintenance-free and long service life battery.


Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.



Drawer-like battery pack, easy for exchange. HANGCHA provides Li-Ion battery with 5 years or 10000 hours warranty.



IPX4 water resistance rating, suitable for outdoor operation.



Quick charge < 2.0h, working time >9h



PIN codes are available for improve the safety. (Optional)



HANGCHA can provide higher capacity battery pack for each model.



The XC Series Electric Forklift with Li-Ion Power (2.0~3.5t) is now available. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information.

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