To ensure each product we delivery is safe and with high quality to meet the challenges our customers meet in diversified applications, we will conduct strict and comprehensive tests from components to vehicles, from safety, performance and reliability tests to application demand tests. Now we have 1 national approved testing center & 3 vehicle testing sites with more than 130 sets advanced testing facilities, covering a total of 26,000m2 area. The first one based in Qingshan Park can meet the requirements of key components and vehicle performance tests for industrial vehicles such as counterweight forklifts and tractors. Another One Hangzhong Park test site can carry out CNAS certification test of class II and III vehicles, which fully simulates the actual working conditions of elevated warehouse. It covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with 112 loading positions, platform height of 16.3 meters and maximum load of 3.4 tons. And the Hengfan Park intensive test site can meet the requirements of intensive test for rough terrain forklift, reach stacker, tractor and other vehicles.

Qingshan Park-Comprehensive Testing Facility
Hangzhou Heavy Machinery Park- Testing Facility For Class II& III Forklifts
Hengfan Park-Outdoor Testing Facility
Hangzhong Park test site can carry out CNAS certification test of class II and III vehicles
Tilting table test
Greadability test
Articulated arm measuring machine
EMC test
Low temperature test
Semi-anechoic room
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