J series reach truck (seated)
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Hangcha provides reach trucks with seat or stand-on. For seat reach truck, the load capacity is from 1.2-2.0t, and for stand-on reach truck, the load capacity is from 1.5-2.0t, which to meet different applications. Apart from its excellent performance, the reach truck is also very economical. The reach trucks are used wherever space is limited or where heavy loads are to be loading to high lifting height.


Both AC and DC systems are provided as customers’ requirements for seat reach trucks. CURTIS made multi-function instrument, together with the multi-display monitor provide information and function input to the operator to allow optimum performance.


The state-of-the-art design pays great attention to the cabin. The operator compartment incorporates controls for hydraulic functions, direction control, horn, lighting system, and handbrake, all within easy reach.


Three independent braking systems are provided. The hydraulic system is fully programmable, embracing simple linear potentiometers. Wide view mast provides better visibility to the driver.


Drive and electronics cover may be opened quickly and easily for servicing and maintenance work. There’s easy access to major components. All motors, drive gearbox, pumps, brakes and steering are easily accessible.