2019.6 (1)

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Dear Friends,
We are glad to introduce XF Series Cushion Tire Forklift Truck to you.

  • Load capacity range covering: 8000/10000/12000lbs
  • Models: CPYD35/45/55-XW24B-CB
  • Engine: PSI 4.3L LPG, Transmission: OKAMURA
  • Engine power: 105hp/77kW
  • Feature: High efficient and flexible, with compact design

Capacity 10000lb, length to face of forks 100.2in, Turning radius 87.8in.

2019.6 (4)


High-strength suspension overhead guard.

2019.6 (2)


Wide-view mast offering better visibility.

2019.6 (7)


The travel speed of CPYD45-XW24B-CB can reach up to 12.8 mph, load capacity won’t have any loss until the mast lift to 196.9in.

2019.6 (3)


OKAMURA transmission

2019.6 (8)


OPS system, Blue light, Swing-down LPG bracket, Over speed alarm, Non-marking cushion tire, other attachments ….

2019.6 (5)

2019.6 (6)

The XF series cushion tire forklift truck is now available. Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team for more information.