J series 8.0-10t (Four wheel)

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● Small dimension solid tyre, the front-rear type designed battery layout technology provides excellent stability.


● Ergonomically designed adjustable angle of steering wheel, and 150mm adjustable distance of seat, both provide better operator’s comfort of different operators.

● New designed broad view mast provides better forward view ability.

● New dashboard is easy to see and provides friendly human-computer interaction with multiple functions. 


● Regenerative brake(When parking, reversing and declining, the drive motor will charge the battery, energy saving).  


● You can open the door on each side, it make the motor, oil pump and electrical controller maintenance is very convenient, provide good waterproof and dustproof
Full opened battery cover is easy for battery service.

Big capacity import battery


Rear working light

Colored solid tyre

Duplex mast with full free lift

Triplex mast with full free lift

Other length fork

Wider or higher load backrest