New Product Launch: 1.2~2.0t A Series Reach Truck

Dear Friends,

We are glad to introduce 1.2-2.0t A series Reach Truck to you.

● Load capacity: 1.2t/1.4t/1.6t/2.0t

● Models: CQD12/14/16/18/20-AC3/AC4

● Feature: 

/ Max.lifting height:12.5m, load capacity@600mm:800kg;

/ EPS (Electric Power Steering), LCD screen can display the steering angle and direction synchronously;

/ Driving wheel with automatic centering function can turn through 360°, A series reach truck can travel in any direction with pinpoint accuracy; 

/ Extensible steering wheel;

Better view OHG;  

Easy for maintenance;

Adjustable seat with OPS system;

4 spools control valves …

● Options: 
Various fork length; 
Imported high-performance battery; 
Larger load backrest;