X series 1.5-3.8t Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

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Strong appearance and visual impact

The truck is small, exquisite and concise. which adopting the newly designed parts with opening mould at large area, the appearance of full truck will be more humanized.

Energy conservation and environmental friendly

Lower emission and better cold starting performance; saving the 10% of energy consumption.

The full truck all adopt the environmental friendly material to reduce environmental hazards.


Greatly increase the space underfoot.

Greatly increase the forward visibility and rear visibility.

Reduce the noise of truck by 3dB and reduce the vibration by 20%.

Improved reliability and security

The radiator adopts aluminous plate-fin with better performance and higher structural strength.

2~3.8t adopts large size tapered roller bearing (TRB), larger steering cylinder and bumper block assemblies on the top, which can prolong the 

service life of bearing and highly improve the reliability of steering axle.

Optimized hydraulic breather structure and integrated with return oil filter can prolong the service life of hydraulic pressure system.

Dual driving wheel


High-positioned exhaust system

Customer painting

Cabin heater

LED rear working light

Hood lock

Double heat insulating pad and leather cover

Net cover of radiator

Solid tyre

Non-mark tyre (white/green)

Middle-positioned exhaust system

Sparkle arrester

Suspension seat

Purified exhaust system

Fuel tank lock

Speed meter

Auxiliary hydraulic valve


Copper radiator

Reversing assist grip with horn button

Counter weight net

Height of overhead guard

Dual air filter


Speed limiter (Electronic-Controlled engine)

Emergency switch

Fan protector

Over-speed alarm

Warning light

Dynamic load sensing system

OPS system