J series 1.0-1.5t (Three wheel, rear drive)

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The new J series 1.0-1.5t rear wheel drive trucks are ideal for working in limited spaces. Simple, automotive-style controls and electric regenerative braking make the trucks easy to use.


AC is the winner. 24V battery is ideal for two or three intermittent shift requirements, and the optional roll-in battery swap trolley lets the driver quickly change the battery without extra help.


The state-of-the-art design pays great attention to the cabin. Spacious footwell with well-placed pedal gives plenty of space for operator’s legs, and helps the driver work safely.


Three independent braking systems are provided. Especially the fully programmable, regenerative electric braking almost eliminates the need for a footbrake.


Careful design facilitates inspection and servicing. Easy maintenance reduces the amount of downtime and helps to reduce cost also.
The industry-leading CURTIS Gen2 AC system with simplified circuitry and brushless motors requires less servicing.
The twin AC motors are accessible from the front – minimizing service cost.

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